Thursday, February 18, 2010


The idea is this: allow the death of the small self (also called
the ego, but this phrase can be confusing, associated with much
psychological paraphernalia).
The name that your parents gave you, going back seven generations,
allow this to die and awaken to your Fundamental Self, formless and
free, also called the Christ. (But this, too, causes much confusion -
this word, this phrase, Christ - especially in the West, where rediscovering
your innermost nature as Christ is very much associated with
Allow the anointed one to arise within you.
I would not bother with this teaching if there were
anyone else in our culture
exposing this.
Great poems have been written and wondrous drawings
made - all by half-forgotten artists and seers. And the best of them
do not care to be remembered.
The key is to awaken to the Fundamental Self,
which identity arises without attachments, beneath and beyond the
world of grasping. Do not be enslaved to grasping.
These words come after much travel on my part
and incessant study, all thoughts of which have been
After all, I say only this:

"The willows are green
And the flowers glow."

(Not my poem).

Sit in the silence, away from all expectations. Allow the
quiet to reign. One fine morning, after all intricacies, all
intellectual debate and after all philosophical issues
are quelled, you will awaken to your ordinary mind,
which is the holiest ground of all.
After the journey or ten thousand miles, the sense of wonder
will grow.
Then you will know me and know yourself and you will
REALIZE the holy one, man of no titles.

Request in prayer the blessings of all the saints as you begin
the most difficult journey around all the worlds: to voyage to that place...
where you already are.

Happy Easter

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