Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Now regarding matters of the Christ there is a Fundamental Issue,
a Fundamental Position that must be grasped. And it is a different problem than anyone supposes.
In approaching Christ, it is not enough to cling to blind faith and belief.
It is also impossible to follow His way. Who wants to lift up the cross and
be crucified? In practical terms, what do we do?
"Just take Christ into your heart," we are urged, "Have faith. Believe."
All this is fine, but it is not enough. What is required is that you prepare a place
within, a cavern, an empty space not filled with thought.
Prepare a place for Grace to come, which comes as a gift from the Father,
who sends his Comforter to you. The spirit that comes to fill you is the
Holy Spirit, which will not come by invocation.
You are preparing for the dark night of the soul. You are preparing to
meet the Christ in the most intimate way. You are preparing for
illumination, an entirely different way of seeing.
We are preparing for the Great Realization, Liberation. In all the world,
there is just one. There is no other.
It is the Realization of God and of your ultimate identity, through an
ultimate realization.

Christ is not separate from what you are.

It is necessary first to clear your mind of rational thought. The brain is busy -
like a monkey chasing its own tail. Stop trying to analyze everything. Stop trying to achieve anything. You've got to , "TRY NOT TO TRY". How's that for a
We are talking about Mindshocks here, about attaining an entirely different sense of reality. I am not saying, "Just have faith."
I am saying we've got to dig a little deeper. There's work to be done
to prepare yourself for Realization of the True One!
This is the Light at the end of the path.


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