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The power of the Roman Empire and the empire's church destroyed as
many of these early gospels as could be found by the Tenth Legion
entering Egypt. Those legions that were to follow continued the destruction
of holy books that the Roman Empire and its church denounced as
being "heresy", as being "abominations". The fact of the matter is
the texts the empire church condemned were actually the True Vine
of Christ's Vision and message.
So the very earliest followers of Christ and His Eucharist,
those who knew how to partake of real Holy Communion with the Christ,
these holy men and women from the time of the Saviour and the
hundred years after his "death" were forced to run for their very lives.
It was necessary to escape to the hills or else be put to the sword.
The Roman empire and its church were not going to put up with a
bunch of dangerous revolutionary crazies who actually were sharing their property and food in common and were living the way of life taught by
the Christ, the holy One of God.
They gathered together in a ceremony in which their leader allowed his
Flesh to be eaten as food for the Spirit,
and allowed His Blood to be drunk as nourishment for the Soul...

In order to be fair and see both sides of the issue, I'm sure
it all seemed a little nuts to the Romans - especially the part about
relinquishing your personal property.The Romans took property law
especially seriously. They were nothing if not practical.
Also, this bit about drinking the blood of the leader and eating his flesh
seemed a bit barbaric, even to the Romans! This is saying something!
The Romans were people who participated in blood baths themselves,
standing under the slit throat of a sacrificed bull, or some other dying,
bleeding beast; they allowed the blood to pour down all over them
in sacrifice to one of their gods or another.
So if the Romans thought you were far out there, beyond the pale: too
weird to trust and too barbaric to be tolerated, well... you either had to be
a real monster, or the propaganda against you had to be monstrously
Propaganda (ie:the lie) is not just rampant in our 21st century.
The Roman Empire knew all about its uses, too. The Romans were
conquerors; they knew how to discredit an enemy before they
attacked them. This is exactly what they did to the early followers
of Christ.
They saw there was money and power in this growing religion
following a so-called Messiah who had been crucified in Jerusalem.
The Roman Empire knew all about money and power. So when they saw this growing movement, they wanted some of the action. But some of the more
foolhardy beliefs (to the Romans) of the early Christians simply had to be
So they took the earliest gospels and hired a ghost writer. The gospels
took on an even narrative line, which is a mark of later, more sophisticated
literature. The early holy books were changed to become acceptable to
the Roman way of life. Almost all of the mysticism was taken out of
the holy texts. The gospels became middle of the road. And one thing
the Romans knew how to build was roads.
Some gospels didn't even make it into the Bible. The gospel of John
was very nearly excluded by the council of Nicea, 425 A.D. This was
essentially a meeting of the religious Chamber of Commerce, which
tossed out any heresies, oddities, abominations, and especially
any inconvenient truths those nasty little books had to offer.
The truth of the Messiah was being made respectable, which is to say
it was being controlled.

So the earliest disciples of Christ were portrayed as being monstrous barbarians , who were suspiciously communist, and who were blasphemers
of the Roman Jupiter. And later, after the Council of Nicea, after the
church at Rome had taken over the cash business of the forgiveness of souls,
these earliest ones who communed with Christ were condemned as
heretics and discredited. They were also murdered. Burned at the stake,
thrown to the lions, put to the sword and banished.
So it was also with the earliest, arguably the most faithful gospels.
None of them made it into the Big Book. They were just too revolutionary
to be tolerated by a comfortable, materialistic society with its deceptively simplistic religion now called Christianity. All the hard parts have been
taken out.
The Bible had been emasculated.

Western religion has been hijacked by a bunch of thugs. And the first
thing these thieves did was control the supply. They created a monopoly
in the God business. Then they set about stepping between God and man
and demanded a percentage of everyone's income as the price of
Unbelievable! And then they insisted that you "believe"
based on no evidence at all. They tore the guts out of the real
Eucharist, the real Communion with Christ, and they handed you a dry
wafer and expected you to nod your head in blind agreement.
And if you disagreed publicly, then they sent in their enforcers and
they made you squeal out your agreement under torture.
The message was: "Don't mess with our supply!"
"This is our territory; you mess with us, you're dead!" The
Inquisition lasted a very long time indeed. It wasn't just one hundred
years of thuggery. It was something like six hundred years of strong-arm
tactics, torture and murder. And the worst part of it was that the God
drug was cut! There wasn't any product there at all! Nothing real!
Because the Truth really will make you free... And the church of the
Empire instinctively knew this. Once men got a taste of the real thing,
there was just no way anyone would take those priests seriously...

Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One of God said this:
"Woe to the pharisees,for they are like a dog sleeping in a manger
of oxen, for neither does he eat nor does he let the oxen eat."
(Gospel of Thomas.)

The pharisees were the priests of His time. They wanted the same thing
many of the priests of today want. They want power and control and to be
seen as important. They also want the cash necessary for them to assume
their high place in society - comfortable cars, comfy homes and the
unearned respect of their fellow men.
And they keep the keys to the doors of the church, the keys to the
altar of God, keys which are too often used to lock those doors and keep
other people out. Just try getting into a church at night!
These are the guys who arranged for the crucifixion of Our Saviour.

Luckily there are other altars of God out of doors, places of power
throughout the world where the true followers of the Vision
may meditate and pray.
It has been written:

"I will not send my son again to be crucified among men.
Instead, in this new age, men shall be crucified upon the Christ."

Make of this what you will... 2,000 years after the persecution
of the Saviour.

Christ has been made to appear so unique, so exceptional, so
impossibly above the ordinary man that the wrong impression is given.
If the Christ is that much of an exception, that different and special,
of a virgin birth, etc. then what man can hope to commune with Him?
No one can hope to realize the Christ within. To approach God, you need
the intervention of the priests. And that costs money.
It pays those who support the church hierarchy to make the Christ so miraculous and unapproachable that the ordinary man is alienated
from Him. This way the empire church can monopolize this unique jewel
that no one else has.
In fact, Christ is the innermost nature of all of us. He is not so different
and not so far away:

"Do not call me Master, for he who drinks the bubbling
spring of waters from my mouth,
he shall become as I am
and I shall be he,
and the hidden things shall be revealed to him."
(Italics mine). Gospel of Thomas.

I keep repeating this phrase, because it is essential to show the ancient
vision of communion with the anointed Christ and the mystery of
identity that is the core of it. This vision has been lost in modern times. We
are in desperate need of this true vision.
Our very survival depends upon it. The ancient knowledge of the
mysterious nature of the Eucharist; we must reclaim it, rediscover the
knowing experience.
It is the meaning we are growing towards;it is the flowering of our
future, it is the blossoming of our destiny.
It is the Way.

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