Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Of all the comments and sayings Father Belyea said, this one has given me the most trouble. It's implications are very difficult, not because of the saying's
complexity, but because the saying partakes of the utmost simplicity.

Another saying of Father Belyea's is: "NOBODY SEES THE OBVIOUS."
This saying also will not be understood with the intellect. It is a blow to the forehead
with a branch of a tree.

He'd walk up and down in front of the class. And the whole place was quiet, all three hundred students. Suddenly he'd spin on his heel and deliver one of these
Mind Blows, one of his high impact sayings.

He'd affect a barnyard accent, a tone of voice and a phrasing that came right out of the back forty. He was letting us know that these messages were not intellectually difficult; they were something else. He was appearing as an ordinary Joe, which he was. And he was not.

He was a highly educated guy. He was a priest after all, and he and his seminar group were slowly working their way, week after week through Dante's
Inferno. And the reading list for the course included some of the greatest books ever written by man.
And yet after all his years of training, he distilled what he had to say down to these few, brief, impossible to understand with the intellectual mind, sayings.

'THE ONLY SIN IS SELF DOUBT," try to wrap your mind around that one: make your peace with it. Be prepared to meditate for a long time.

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