Monday, August 3, 2009


To continue on with "COMMENTS" after the BLOG, entitled: "ORIGINS and SECRETS",
the first comment became quite lengthy and it pretty much turned into a BLOG itself.
So those comments are the beginning of BLOG#4, ROVING REPORTER RANTS. Eventually I'll
have the computer skills to post it normally.
In the comments entitled "PROUD MARY", we lamented the fact that the Gospel of Mary
is only about one paragraph long, because a housewife alongside the Nile River used
the parchments of the Mary's Gospel to light fires to make breakfast.

It is astonishing to me that these very important, most ancient documents would come
to light just when they were needed. The Christ said: "I will come again." Now 2,000 years
after his death on the cross these scrolls emerge out of earthen jars hidden in the darkness
of caves in cliffs above the Nile River.
It cannot be stressed too strongly, the revelation that these Gospels exist is nothing
short of miraculous.
Some of these gospels are more ancient than the gospels that exist in our present
Bible, and closer to the source.

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  1. This Blog continues from COMMENTS made
    dated JULY 11/09. Those comments centered on the discovery of Gospels in 1945. The almost completely burned "Gospel of Mary" was
    considered, in particular