Saturday, July 11, 2009


  1. Check out the Gospel of Philip (see Nag Hammadi Libraray ed. Robinson)
    In 1945 a library of extremely early Christian writings was discovered At Nag Hammadi, Egypt - just down or up river (Nile River) from where the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls was to happen.
    Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered one year after the Nag Hammadi Libraray.
    Now the Dead Sea Scrolls are far more famous for exactly this reason: they are much less DANGEROUS than the Nag Hammadi Libraray is.
    At the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Find, it soon was learned that NEW, I mean EXTREMELY ANCIENT gospels had been found in scrolls hidden in earthen jars, in caves.
    The reason these essential GOSPELS - the Gospel of Truth, The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Mary ( wouldn't you know it, just our luck, the gospel of Mary had been largely burned completely by an Arab mother who needed fuel for her kitchen fires -
    beautiful Mary, screwed again! She is so misunderstood throughout history; she was the person the Christ, Living One of God hung out with most. And some of the disciples were jealous about all the time He was spending with her: NOTE see Gospel of Philip.Wouldn't you just know, it would be her Gospel that was burned! Somehow I think it will turn up again in its entirety.
    O.K. Now I see, this "COMMENT" should really be Blog # 4. Let's call it
    Wouldn't you just know that it would be HER GOSPEL that would be burned, almost completely.
    Maybe our outrage about this fact will bring more attention to the beloved & almost constant companion of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Maybe this is exactly how God works.
    Now, your Roving Reporter knows most things, but he does not know the holy workings of this - what would seem to be this injustice.
    I have a funny feeling, though; Mary will be heard, no doubt.
    If you wish to read similar writings
    from a Female Apostle. Read: "THE THUNDER, PERFECT MIND. And tell me is this not the essence of divinity & poetry.
    Please see it.

    Having spoken of this subject, I find myself moved almost to tears. I wish you all love and forgiveness, in so far as I am able to bless you, I do. And I say: "Thank you Father
    for your gifts, thank you for your Grace.
    JAH LOVE! Amen."

  2. It is late Saturday Night. There's a music festival in town, North Bay, and your Roving Reporter is in a dark room ( can't get the living room light to switch on. But I have the light from the stars and a sweet wind through the widely open window behind me...And I can hear the sound of the bass guitar, off in the distance.
    Personal Note.

    EDITORS' NOTE: "Try to curtail such moments."